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District Council of Barunga West
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pdf Accounting Policy(94 kb)

pdf Administration of the WHS Management System Policy 2015(945 kb)

pdf Animal Management Plan - 2006(644 kb)

pdf Asset Accounting Policy 2016(126 kb)

pdf Building & Swimming Pool Inspection Policy(96 kb)

pdf Building and Swimming Pool Inspection Policy(94 kb)

pdf Burial and Interment of Ashes Policy(118 kb)

pdf By-Laws 2010(1124 kb)

pdf Caretaker Policy(227 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct - Elected Members(33 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct - Employees(37 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct- Complaints Handling Procedure for Elected Members(98 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct for Elected Members Procedure(92 kb)

pdf Code of Practice- Access to Council Meetings 2015(256 kb)

pdf Communication and Consultation Policy 2015(1192 kb)

pdf Community Consultation - Capital Works SEPT 2011(145 kb)

pdf Community Funding & Progress Association Policy(125 kb)

pdf Complaints Handling Policy(100 kb)

pdf Complaints Handling Procedure(125 kb)

pdf Complaints Policy(100 kb)

pdf Contractor Management Policy 2015(1110 kb)

pdf Council Memeber Training and Development Policy(119 kb)

pdf CWMS Pricing Policy Statement 2017-18(83 kb)

pdf DAP Complaint Handling Policy 2015(160 kb)

pdf Development Plan Assessments Policy(77 kb)

pdf Disposal of Assets Policy(86 kb)

pdf Donated Goods Policy(61 kb)

pdf Elected Members Allowance and Benefits Policy(175 kb)

pdf Election Sign Form(53 kb)

pdf Election Signs Policy(146 kb)

pdf Emergency Management Policy 2015(978 kb)

pdf Fraud & Corruption Prevention Policy(163 kb)

pdf Freedom of Information Statement 2016(116 kb)

pdf Hardship Policy for Residential Customers(116 kb)

pdf Hazard Management Policy(666 kb)

pdf Hazardous Work Policy 2015(1225 kb)

pdf Horses on Beaches Policy 2015(70 kb)

pdf Induction for Council Members and Senior Staff 2015(58 kb)

pdf Informal Gathering Policy(86 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy(75 kb)

pdf Information Privacy 2011(183 kb)

pdf Infrastructure Design Guidelines(102 kb)

pdf Interaction of Development Act, State Records Act, FOI Act with the Copyright Act Policy(143 kb)

pdf Internal Financial Controls Policy(157 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions(117 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Form 2014(54 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Procedure 2014(125 kb)

pdf Kerbside Waste Collection Policy(994 kb)

pdf Leases, Licenses and Permits Policy(93 kb)

pdf Mobile Food Vending Policy(100 kb)

pdf Naming of Roads and Public Places Policy 2015(81 kb)

pdf Order Making Policy(130 kb)

pdf Procurement Policy(105 kb)

pdf Public Consultation Policy(146 kb)

pdf Rating & Rebate Policy(198 kb)

pdf Records Management Policy(101 kb)

pdf Request for Service Policy(86 kb)

pdf Request for Service Procedure(96 kb)

pdf Safe Environment Policy(95 kb)

pdf Shipping Container Policy(164 kb)

pdf Sign Policy - May 2014(95 kb)

pdf Supplementary Election Policy(58 kb)

pdf Treasury Management Policy(96 kb)

pdf Tree Policy(66 kb)

pdf Volunteer Code of Conduct(79 kb)

pdf Volunteer Policy(76 kb)

pdf Whistleblower Policy(133 kb)

pdf Work Health Safety and Return to Work Policy(1735 kb)

Main Office
11 Bay Street
Port Broughton SA 5522
Sub Office
Railway Terrace
Bute SA 5560
Postal Address
PO Box 3
Port Broughton SA 5522
Contact Council
Phone: 08 8635 2107
Fax:      08 8635 2596
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