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How to provide feedback:

Feedback can be provided by one of the following means:

Website:  Customer request/feedback form please be sure to clearly specify what you are providing comment on
Email: Email any submissions to barunga@barungawest.sa.gov.au
Mail: Mail any submissions to The District Council of Barunga West, PO Box 3, PORT BROUGHTON, SA, 5522.

Acknowledgement of feedback:

Council will acknowledge the receipt of your feedback, generally via email, or in some circumstances via letter.

What happens with your feedback:

All feedback is provided to Council along with a report.  Council will then consider the feedback provided when making decisions moving forward regarding the matter.

For futher information please contact CEO, Andrew Cole on (08) 8635 2107 or via email barunga@barungawest.sa.gov.au


Review of Township Boundaries

The introduction of the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 (‘the Policy’) has highlighted that Council may need to review ‘township boundaries’, as Council may wish to provide greater compliance regarding air quality matters, such as with solid fuel heaters.

Section 5 (1) of the Policy states that a person must not cause or permit the burning of matter by fire in the open on any land within a council area.

Section 5 (2) qualifies this statement by further describing that subclause (1) does not prevent a person from carrying out the following burning activities within a township boundary, such as

1) lighting or maintaining a fire using charcoal, dry wood or other dry plant material for the purpose of preparing food or beverages;

2) burning charcoal (but not wood or other plant material) in a brazier, chiminea or fire pit for domestic heating;

3) burning agriculture or forestry waste, burning off vegetation for fire prevention or control, or burning vegetation for any other purpose, outside a fire danger season, provided that—

         a)the burning activity is carried out in accordance with a burning permit issued by Council; and

         b) the person complies with any mandatory measures of a prescribed burning code of practice that apply in relation to the burning activity; and

         c) the person has regard to any recommended measures of a prescribed burning code of practice that apply in relation to the burning activity.

Note: The Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 does not apply to the following activities, among other contained within the Policy, namely:

1) burning undertaken in accordance with a permit or other authority issued under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 or as otherwise authorised by or under that Act; or

2)burning for the purposes of fuel load reduction or other fire prevention or control purposes as required or authorised by or under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005; or

The attached proposals are published for community feedback concerning the adjustment of township boundaries to take account of built development since township boundaries were last established.

Consultation period from 26th September to October 31st 2017.


Maps of proposed township boundaries are below, the proposed boundary is in yellow, the current boundary in red.

Map of Port Broughton(450 kb)

Map of Bute(393 kb)

Map of Tickera(361 kb)

Map of Fisherman Bay(448 kb)

Map of Alford(398 kb)

Map of Mundoora(354 kb)

Map of Kulpara(354 kb)

Map of Melton(454 kb)

Map of Wokurna(392 kb)


Below are the corresponding Development Plan maps for each town for reference, these show the current land use areas.

DP Alford(103 kb)

DP Bute(78 kb)

DP Fisherman Bay(88 kb)

DP Melton(118 kb)

DP Mundoora(68 kb)

DP PB Centre(98 kb)

DP PB East(142 kb)

DP PB North(98 kb)

DP PB Whole(159 kb)

DP Tickera North(97 kb)

DP Tickera(81 kb)

DP-Kulpara(65 kb)

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